Savio Brand

Who are we?

We create the Savio Brand – young people from Poland, with a positive attitude towards the world. We are geeks when it comes to new technologies. We created our brand, so we can introduce products to the market, that we need on a daily basis for work, entertainment, and to develop our passion. Products that are modern, reliable and at a reasonable price. Thanks to your acknowledgement, quickly we managed to domesticate on shelves of biggest commercial networks, wholesales and hundreds of internet stores.

Work in Savio gives us a lot of satisfaction because by developing our products we want to please our customers and ourselves. The approach like that gives us the possibility to connect hard work and good fun, especially when we need to test our new gaming products.

About the company

Creator and owner of the Savio brand is a local polish company Elmak SP. Z o.o., that works on the market of consumer electronics from 1990. The company had collected a number of awards and titles in many categories.

At this moment Elmak is divided into two units: first, that works on the production of remote controllers, and electronic controllers, and the second that works on the development of Savio Brand. Thanks to the cooperation of two units, and substantive support from our experienced engineers, Savio products meet the highest quality standards.

Elmak is a Polish family company. The owners of the company are electronics enthusiasts and they created projects of popular products on their own.

Besides of our basic work, the company also actively participates in charity and is a part of the development of the region, cooperating with high schools and the University of Technology, from where a lot of employees come from.