There are at least four reasons, that you should introduce Savio products to your company offer:

1. You know what you are buying.

It sometimes happens that neither the client nor the salesman does not know exactly what cable they need to connect two devices. It is not a surprise, with a huge amount of types of connectors and standards of signal transmission in connection. With every cable and adapter Savio, you will find a precise explanation, of what you can connect with it. All the information is right on the package, as well as in the product catalogue and on the internet site. Also, products from other categories have detailed information about their functions and applications.

2. We know what we sell.

In Savio, every lot of our product is precisely checked before introducing it on the market. Our employees conduct tests of all technical parameters and functionality of our particular products. We specifically pay attention to safety and durability for overload and voltage spikes. Results of every test are saved and recorded, and based on them the decision is made about optimising of production method.

3. We help fast.

Thanks to the very small amount of complaints, we can give a warranty, that every complaint will be dealt with by our service in few days from the moment of receiving the parcel. In this time we check the reason of complaint, we set qualification of it(repair, exchange, correction invoice), we are going to send the return parcel and will inform you about the course of the case, that you immediately can contact with your client. The term warranty covers the working days and does not apply to individual customers.

4. We have optimal prices.

Why our prices are low? Because we worked out great conditions of cooperation with our partners, and to prices of our products we do not have to add a cost of a satin layout of the package or a television advertisement, sponsor actions, banquets and payments for the celebrities pretending to recommend us. We give you the maximum product in the product. And why not always we are the cheapest? Because we do not want to introduce products to the market, that do not meet the declared parameters, that always get broken, and are not safe to use.


All of our products are available through the comfortable system of online wholesale shopping in companies like:

For the retail clients

Retail clients interested in direct purchase of Savio Brand products, should contact the sales department of Elmak Company – the owner of the Savio Brand.

Sale Departament:

Al. Żołnierzy I Armii Wojska Polskiego 22
35-301 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 854 98 14 ext. 102