Car transmitter TR-14

Model: TR-14 EAN: 5901986047810
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Bass Boost
Bluetooth 5.0
Hands free function
Power Delivery & Quick Charge

Car transmitter Savio TR-14


The TR-14 car transmitter is a multifunctional device equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and advanced ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology. It reduces noise by suppressing unnecessary background noises, significantly improving the quality of conversations. The music processor allows you to play your favourite songs in excellent quality.

The transmitter has a Micro SD multimedia input and AUX line output. It is also equipped with two fast charging outputs supporting Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery 3.0, so you can charge your smartphone or tablet in no time. The illuminated ring, together with a choice of colours, will make the device blend in perfectly with any car interior.

Bluetooth 5.0

The TR-14 car transmitter is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. This module ensures stable connectivity, also offering twice the transfer rate and improved range compared to older Bluetooth versions.

Hands-free function

The Savio TR-14 allows you to control incoming calls without losing focus on the road. This will significantly increase your comfort and safety when driving.

Bass boost

Bass boost is a built-in effect that amplifies low frequencies. It is comparable to an equaliser, but is limited to a single-band boost in the low frequency range. This function is great for listening to dynamic music.

Power Delivery 3.0 / Quick Charge 3.0

Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 are technologies that allow you to charge your devices up to four times faster than conventional charging. So you’ll spend less time charging and be ready to hit the road faster!

ENC function

ENC (environmental noise cancellation) is a function that serves to dampen ambient noise during phone calls. The combination of this function together with the rotating microphone will ensure that your caller on the handset hears your clear voice, whether you are having a conversation while driving or in a crowded car park.

AUX OUT / Micro SD slot

The TR-14 car transmitter not only has wireless functions, as it is equipped with an AUX-OUT port, thanks to which you can connect the transmitter to the AUX-IN socket in your car and enjoy lossless sound quality. The device also has a slot for a Micro SD card.


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Power supply
Napięcie wyjściowe dla portu Power Delivery 3.0
Output voltage for USB Quick Charge 3.0 port
Cable length
1.2 m
SD cards
Supports Micro SD cards: up to 64GB
Additional information
Bass boost function
Speakerphone function
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  • The transmitter transmits only from the AUX socket
  • set the same frequency on the radio and transmitter (the waves must be different from those received from external radio stations)
  • check the condition of the car antenna
  • check the state of the electrical installation (charging circuit), the transmitter is sensitive to power supply interference
  • contacts of electrical equipment are worn out (e.g. crackles when starting the windscreen wipers, pressing the brake or clutch pedal)
  • corrupted file on the data carrier
  • check BT connection to the telephone
  • transmitter inserted in cigarette lighter socket splitter
  • Check whether the cigarette lighter socket is working (usually the fuse needs to be replaced)


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