COS-01 Cooling stand

Model: COS-01 EAN: 5901986047575
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COS-01 Cooling stand

COS-01 is a powerful cooling stand for laptops. The device is a universal solution for any laptop up to 17.3 inches in screen size. It helps to maintain the optimum working temperature for your device.

Six Fans

Its ergonomic shape and outstanding performance make it ideal for professional gamers. The model has six red LED backlit fans with a speed of 2000+-15% RPM. It allows a stable reduction of excess heat regardless of the laptop’s workload. In addition, the LEDs give the stand a more individual, gaming character.

Angle adjustment

COS-01 allows you to adjust the stand to your preferences. The 6-step angle adjustment enables you to optimally set the height of the cooling stand to your individual preferences. It ensures proper posture, eliminating neck fatigue. It guarantees even greater comfort when playing games.

Hub 2xUSB 2.0

The stand features two USB 2.0 ports. They provide you with options when it comes to connecting additional devices. It increases the functionality and allows for a more efficient arrangement of other accessories.

Antislip feet

The materials used in the COS-01 model protect the laptop against unnecessary movement and slipping. The rubber and antislip feet reinforce the stability. You can safely dedicate your attention to playing your favourite games.

Stable construction

The lightweight and sturdy plastic construction with a metal mesh are perfect for demanding gamers. You can use it in various conditions without fear of having less fun.

Effective cooling 

Quiet 70x70x10 mm fans exceptionally perform when cooling a laptop. They ensure smooth air movement and dynamic removal of excess heat generated by components. The maximum airflow is 70 CFM. The adjustable speed allows adapting the cooling power to the current conditions. Even during strenuous operation, the fans maintain a low noise level with a maximum of 40 dB.


Packaging contains: Cooling stand, USB-A – USB-A cable, user manual

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