SAVIO Gas sensor (natural gas, LPG) PW-936

Model: PW-936
EAN: 5901986047001

Product description

The SAVIO PW-936 gas sensor is an alarm device that immediately detects a high concentration of natural gas or LPG, effectively protecting household members. We check our products at every stage of production. Thanks to regular tests for compliance with European requirements carried out at the GIG Research and Modeling Laboratories Group – Experimental Mine “Barbara”, we are sure that SAVIO sensors meet the stringent EU standards PN-EN 50194-1: 2009 and work perfectly. Everyone who buys a Savio sensor receives an excellent product and a guarantee of security.

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  • Detected gases: Natural gas (methane), LPG (propane or butane)
  • Detection method: semiconductor sensor
  • Time to alarm: under 25 seconds
  • Input voltage: 85-265V 50 / 60Hz
  • Fuse parameter: 0.2A in a protected socket
  • Power consumption: below 4W
  • Working temperature: from -10° – + 40°C
  • Sensor level range: from 3 – 20% LEL
  • Alarm volume: 85dB / 3m

The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) is the lowest concentration of a flammable substance which, when mixed with air, can cause an explosion. 100% LEL means that the gas is dangerous enough to cause an explosion.

The Savio brand is above all attention to detail.



  • Under normal conditions, the sensor’s service life is 10 years.

Product parameters

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