PCI-E to M2 NVME Adapter M-KEY SAVIO AK-41

Model: AK-41
EAN: 5901986045793

Product description

PCI-E to M2 NVME Adapter M-KEY AK-41

  • M.2 disk interface supported
  • Supported PCI-E interfaces: PCI-E 4x, PCI-E 8x, PCI-E16x
  • Supported disk sizes: 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280
  • The motherboard must support NVMe for proper operation.

This SAVIO PCI Express card expands your personal computer by one M.2 slot.

Compatible with any operating system, no drivers are required for installation.


Application example:

  • Mounting M.2 drives to the PCI-E expansion slot on the motherboard.

Product parameters

Additional information


M.2, PCI Express


Data transfer, Power