Samsung universal remote controller, RC-12

Model: RC-12
EAN: 5901986046486
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Product description

Samsung universal remote controller, RC-12



The RC-12 is a convenient universal device that supports Samsung SMART TVs. It is perfect as a replacement for the original remote control. It features all functionalities.


Excellent quality

The remote control uses only the highest quality materials, ensuring long and trouble-free use. The design has no sharp edges, which increases comfort. The buttons are convenient to use and resistant to wear and tear. The minimalist design is 100% functional and comfortable to use.


Easy to use

The RC-12 requires no programming. The remote control operates after you install batteries.


Support for streaming platforms

In response to changing trends, the RC-12 remote control uses functional buttons. They allow direct access to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Rakuten TV. You can easily access your favourite films, programs, or series.


Environment friendly

The high-quality plastic used for the RC-12 was sourced from recycled materials. To reduce the amount of plastic as much as possible, the remote control is packaged in environmentally friendly and biodegradable cardboard packaging.



Technical details:

  • Power supply: 2 x AA (batteries not included)
  • Colour: Black
  • Application: Samsung TV sets
  • Type: Universal
  • SMART: Yes
  • Material: High-quality ABS


List of supported TV models:

AA59-00316B, AA59-00325, AA59-00326, AA59-00327, AA59-00357, AA59-00370A/B, AA59-00382A       AA59-00385A, AA59-00397A/B, AA59-00399A/B/E, AA59-00401B/C, AA59-00403E, AA59-00421A  AA59-00424A, AA59-00465A, AA59-00466A, AA59-00483A, AA59-00484A, PA59-00508A, BN59-000624A, BN59-00366, BN59-00399A, BN59-00412, BN59-00429A, BN59-00434A/C, BN59-00457A BN59-00464, BN59-00477A, BN59-00489, BN59-00507A, BN59-00512A, BN59-00516A, BN59-00517A  BN59-00529A, BN59-00530A, BN59-00531A, BN59-00539A, BN59-00604A, BN59-00609A, BN59-00610A, BN59-00611A, BN59-00613A, BN59-00676A, BN59-00681A, BN59-00683A, BN59-00684A/B, BN59-00685A/B, BN59-00686A, BN59-00687A, BN59-00701A, BN59-00702A, BN59-00705A, BN59-00706A, BN59-00752A, BN59-00857A, BN59-00847A, BN59-00859A, BN59-00862A, BN59-00863A, BN59-00864A, BN59-00865A, BN59-00886A, BN59-00888A, BN59-00901A, BN59-00937A, BN59-00938A, BN59-00940A, BN59-00943A, BN59-00960A, BN59-01005A, BN59-00555A, BN59-00557A, BN59-00559A, BN59-00567A, BN59-00590A, BN59-00596A, BN59-00602A, BN59-00603A, BN59-01012A, BN59-01014A, BN59-01015A, BN59-01018A, BN59-01039A, BN59-01040A, BN59-01052A, BN59-01069A, BN59-01078A, BP59-00084, MD59-00242A, MD59-00350A, 00104A/B/C 00104D/F/J 00104K/M, 00104P/N/H 00116A, 00121A/B, 00124A, 00128C/D/P, 00135A, 00131B 00163C  00191A, 00198D/F/G, 00199C 00231B/D, 00249A, 00258A/B, 00344A, 10095TX, 10099C

Product parameters

Additional information

Power supply

2xAA (batteries)




Samsung TV






High quality ABS