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SAVIO Universal remote controller/replacement for PANASONIC TV RC-06

Model: RC-06
EAN: 5901986043683

Product description

Universal remote controller/replacement for PANASONIC TV RC-06 – replaces the original remote control. Imitate functions of original one. No programming required, just insert the batteries and it’s ready for use.

Compatible with:

  • EUR050406, EUR501101, EUR501120, EUR501121A, EUR501301, EUR501302, EUR501310, EUR501320, EUR501331, EUR501337, EUR501371, EUR501377, EUR501380, EUR501390, EUR50700, EUR50701, EUR50702, EUR50703, EUR50705, EUR50707, EUR50708, EUR50710,
  • EUR50711, EUR511000A, EUR511022, EUR511023, EUR511026, EUR511029, EUR511030, EUR511032, EUR511032Z EUR5110352, EUR511200, EUR511212A, EUR511218, EUR511220, EUR511226, EUR511228, EUR511251, EUR511254, EUR511257, EUR511267, EUR511268AR,
  • EUR511300, EUR51851, EUR51902, EUR51906, EUR51912, EUR51913, EUR51914, EUR51915, EUR51916, EUR51918, EUR51921, EUR51923, EUR51930, EUR51931, EUR51932, EUR51940, EUR51970, EUR51971, EUR51973, EUR51974, EUR51975, EUR51976, EUR51977, EUR641550,
  • EUR641951, EUR641952, EUR641952M, EUR644660, EUR644661, EUR644666, EUR645406, EUR646920, EUR646921, EUR646922, EUR646925, EUR646930, EUR646932, EUR648053, EUR648080, EUR648081, EUR648083, EUR762830, EUR7635040, EUR7635050,
  • EUR7636070R, EUR7651030A, EUR7651110, EUR76511120, EUR76511150, EUR7717010, EUR7717020, EUR7717030, EUR7717040R, EUR7726020, EUR7737250, HT511273, N20AYB000047, N2QAHB000068, N2QAHB000073, N2QAJB000080, N2QAJB000101, N2QAJB000108,
  • N2QAJB000109, N2QAJB000124, N2QAJB000161, N2QAYB000078, N2QAYB000227, N2QAYB000240, N2QAYB000399, N2QAYB000572, TNQ10408, TNQ10448, TNQ10449, TNQ10481, TNQ4G0401, TNQ4G0402, TNQ4G0403, TNQE008, TNQE009, TNQE015, UR76EC2803,
  • RM-D1170, TELORMD1170
  • …and other models

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Pointing device