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SAVIO Universal remote controller/replacement for SAMSUNG SMART TV RC-09

Model: RC-09
EAN: 5901986044451

Product description

Universal remote controller/replacement for SAMSUNG SMART TV RC-09 – replaces the original remote control. Imitate functions of original one. No programming required, just insert the batteries and it’s ready for use.

Compatible with:

  • UE40H6270SS, UE48H6270SS, UE50H5500AW, UE50H6200AW, UE55H6270SS, UE58H5203AW, UE58J5200AW, UE55HU7100S, UE40H6240A, UE46H6203AW, UA40H6300AWXXY, UA55H6300AWXXY, UA48H6300AWXXY, UA32H6300AWXXY, UA40H5500AWXXY
  • UA48H5500AWXXY, UA32H5500AWXXY, UA105S9WAWXXY, ,UA55H6800AWXXY, UA32H5500AWXXY, UA60H6300AWXXY, UA32FH4003RPXD, UE48H6350AKXRU, UE40H6350AKXRU, UE40H5303AKXRU, UE40H5500AKXRU, UE40H5303AKXRU,
  • UE40H5500AKXRU, UE32H5500AKXRU, UE32H6350AKXRU, UE32H5500AKXRU, UE40H6350AKXUA, UE40H4203AKXUA, UE40H5203AKXUA, UE48H5500AKXUA, UE32H5500AKXUA, UE32H6200AKXUA, UE32H5303AKXUA, UE46H5303AKXUA, UE55H6203AKXUA
  • UE105S9WATXUA, UE32H6350AKXUA, UE48H6350AKXUA, UE48H5203AKXUA, UE32H4500AKXUA, UE46H6203AKXUA, UE40H5500AKXUA, UE40H6203AKXUA, UE32H5500AKXUA, UE32H6200AKXUA, UE55H6200AKXUA, UE40H4203AKXUA,
  • UE40H6200AKXUA
  • UE60H6200AKXUA, UE48H6200AKXUA, UE55H6800AUXUA, UE48H6800AUXUA, UE55H6200AKXUA, UE40H5500AKXUA, UE22H5600AKXUA, UE55H6200AKXUA, UE22H5600AKXUA, UE22H5600AKXUA, UE32H5303AKXUA
  • …and many other models

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