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SAVIO Universal remote controller 8in1 RC-01

Model: RC-01
EAN: 5905106071839

Product description

Remote 8in1 RC-01 – multifunctional device that can be used as a replacement remote control for a projector or TV.

  • Supports 8 devices TV, DVB-T, DVD, SAT, Audio, VCR, HOME CINEMA, AMP
  • Learning function from the original remote
  • MACRO function – the sequence of any activities under a single key
  • Puncture volume function – volume control TV without switching the device
  • Control of selected functions of various devices without switching devices
  • Illuminated device selection buttons
  • Warranty 24 months

Product parameters

Additional information

Remote functions

Convertible, Illuminated buttons, Learning, Macro, Support for multiple devices

Connection type