SAVIO Universal remote controller/replacement for LG TV RC-11

Model: RC-11 EAN: 5901986045083
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SAVIO RC-11 Universal remote controller/replacement for LG


Remote controller for LG TV Savio RC-11

Universal remote controller/replacement for LG TV RC-11 – replaces the original remote control. Imitate the functions of the original one. No programming required, just insert the batteries and it’s ready to use.


Remote controller for LG TV Savio RC-11

Compatible with:

  • 6710900010A/E/F 6710300010G/J/S 6710900011W 6710T0008B/C/G 6710T00017M/Q/V 6710T00017B/H 6710T00079F 6710T00022D/F/S 6710V00091A/G/Z 6710V00124V 6710V00126L/Q 6710V00126R/M 6710V00138N/T/F 6710V00138L/M 6710V00141A/D/K 6710V00151S
  • AKB14972914204 AKB33871407 AKB33871409 AKB33871410 AKB69680403 AKB69680404 AKB69680416 AKB72914009
    AKB72914020 AKB72915207 AKB72915210 AKB72915211 AKB72976005
  • MKJ30036801 MKJ32022805 MKJ32022814 MKJ32022826 MKJ32022835 MKJ32022838 MKJ33981404 MKJ33981406 MKJ33981410 MKJ33981413 MKJ33981422 MKJ37815702 MKJ39140804 MKJ39170805 MKJ39170806 MKJ40653802 MKJ40653806 MKJ40653807 MKJ40653831 MKJ42519601 MKJ42519604 MKJ42519605 MKJ49980313 MKJ61611303
  • 105-2307J 105-209A/B/C/D/L/J/M 105-210A/E/F/J/M 105-21D/N/P/Q/R/Z 105-214C/G/L/S/PF 105-219A/D/L 105-224F/P 105-224G/F/P/Z 105-229Y/B/D 105-230A/C/D/F/G 105-230H/J/K/M/Y
  • 6710900010S 6710900011N 6710900014A 6710T00017J 6710V000079A 6710V00007A/B/C/D 6710V00007Q/N/M/K 6710V00007H/W/V/T/S/Y 6710V000080C 6710V00008A/B/N/V 6710V00008C/K/T/W 6710V000140F 6710V00017E/F/G/H/M 6710V00018A 6710V00026C/A/D/H/J/ 6710V0027F/J/K
  • and many other models
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  • Check the batteries, they may be discharged. Replace the batteries with new ones.
  • We make every effort to test as many appliances as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to test all devices available on the market for compatibility with the remote control. If the remote control looks like the original one, it should work flawlessly.


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