Thermal grease SAVIO TG-03 2g

Model: TG-03
EAN: 5901986047117

Product description

Thermal grease SAVIO TG-03


TG-03 Thermal grease


High thermal conductivity

SAVIO TG-03 perfectly fills microscopic cavities on a processor and radiator surfaces. It provides perfect conductivity parameters. Carbon microparticles included in the paste sufficiently cover these cavities. It leads to high thermal conductivity, guaranteeing that heat goes away quickly and efficiently.


TG-03 Thermal grease


Easy application

SAVIO TG-03 Thermal grease, thanks to its consistency, is easy to apply, even for beginners. A well-balanced thickness enables hassle-free distribution over the CPU surface. The container in the form of a practical syringe allows applying the exact amount. The spatula added to the set helps in practical application. The set allows you to safely use it several times.


TG-03 Thermal grease


Secure usage

Contrary to different products on the market, SAVIO TG-03 does not include metal oxides so it is not electrically conductive. It eliminates the risk of short-circuiting and reduces the risk of corrosion damage to the radiator floor and IHS.


TG-03 Thermal grease


Available in different sizes

SAVIO TG-03 is available in two different sizes: 2g and 10g. The packaging was designed to prevent drying of the paste. Thanks to that the product is suitable for multiple usages.



TG-03 Thermal grease


Perfect for overclockers

The tests run on TG-03 show a thermal conductivity rate of 13.5 W/mK. It guarantees quick heat transmission generated by CPU/GPU to the cooling system. It enables safe speed and efficiency increase in your components.


TG-03 Thermal grease

Product parameters

Additional information


Grey, Grey

Thermal conductivity

13,5 W/mK, 13,5 W/mK


-50 ° C / + 250 ° C, -50 ° C / + 250 ° C

Thermal impedance

<0,102°C – in²/ W, <0,102°C – in²/ W


2,9±0,08 g/ml, 2,9±0,08 g/ml

Thermal resistance

0 pS/m, 0 pS/m