Lightbar LB-02

Model: LB-02 EAN: 5901986047964
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Lightbar LB-02

The Light Bar LB-02 is an innovative light source that will provide the perfect ambience and illumination in any room. This versatile lamp has been designed with quality, performance and aesthetics in mind, making you customise the lighting to suit your needs.



Touch control

The control takes place via an intuitive touch panel. It allows you to smoothly adjust the brightness with gentle touches. The use of touch technology makes using the LB-02 extremely convenient and satisfying.



5 brightness modes

The Savio Light Bar has the ability to adjust the brightness at five different levels. This feature allows you to adjust the intensity of the light to suit your current needs and mood, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere in any situation.


Eye-friendly lighting

The design of the lamp allows the surface of the stand to be illuminated at a narrow angle, so that no light is reflected off the monitor. This eliminates the problem of eye fatigue and allows you to work or play longer and more effectively.




USB connection

Powered by a standard USB port, it provides a convenient and versatile connection to a variety of power sources. You can connect it either directly to a computer or to a mains charger – in either case, the LB-02 provides a constant and reliable source of light


Memory mode

Thanks to the intelligent memory mode, you don’t have to worry about choosing your favourite light every time. The light bar will remember your last selection and automatically return to those settings when you switch it back on.

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Luminous flux
230 lm
Correlated colour temperature
3000K – 6600K
Beam angle
Wide cone (120°)
Power supply type
USB-A 5 V⎓ 1 A
30000 hours
On-mode power
5 W
Standby power
0.2 W
440 x Φ22 mm
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