DVB-T2 H.265 HEVC Terrestrial TV Decoders Software Update

Software installation instructions: Download the update file from: Copy the downloaded file (Update-software-DVB-T2.bin) to a USB flash drive. Connect the pendrive with the file to the decoder: DT-DV01 / DT-DV02 - DVB-T2 H.265 HEVC terrestrial TV decoder. Start the decoder, then enter the Decoder Menu, select the System tab, then Software Update. Select USB update, and then point to the path to the file on the memory stick (Update-software-DVB-T2.bin). Select Start to begin the update process. The software update will take approximately 60 seconds. Do not switch off the device during this time. Once the software has been updated correctly, the decoder will restart. NOTE: Do not disconnect the power from the decoder while the update process is in progress.

Important information

Due to changes on the Google Play platform, we recommend installing system updates for the Savio TV BOX PLATINUM and SILVER according to the instructions below:

How to adjust the operation of the LED diode on SAVIO TV-G01 GOLD

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